What ever happened?

02 Apr 2011 - blog - projects

Yes, I finally have a website of sorts. Maybe now I can get my name out there.

New beginnings

So now I have a blog. And in this blog, I plan to talk about ongoing projects, document research, and just write down my musings. But I’m not a blogger; I’m a programmer (by hobby, for now). What I’m truly afraid of is making a blog post here and there, and then ignoring it for months. I feel that it’s necessary to make posts at least somewhat frequently, and so I’ll try to do that enough to make it a habit. We’ll see what happens.

What’s next?

So what is next? Well, I have a specific project I’d like to focus on, and that is reverse engineering of the Zune MTPZ protocol. I’ve been running into some difficulties, although I can’t say that’s unexpected from a project that involves disassembling native applications. Hopefully I’m successful with this.

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